The European Water Quality services Network

Project status

MarCoast ESA GSE project and AquaMar EC-FP7 project are finished since 31 March 2013.
These projects have strongly contributed to the setting up of the European MarCoast Water Quality Network delivering WQ products over all European seas
New satellites are planned in 2014/2015 (Sentinels) and will be used by the MarCoast network to provide operational services.


Marcoast logoMarCoast delivers services for the operational monitoring of marine water quality.

Services are:

  • based on satellite data,
  • driven by users,
  • designed to assist with the reporting requirements of EU and national policies.

Services are distributed yet harmonised, with a:

  • common requirement for input data
  • common approach to validation, quality control and cost-effectiveness.

 Project funded by the European space agency ESA-ESRIN 

aquamar logoAquamar is the R&D branch of MarCoast.

The European Commission and the European Space Agency are preparing the ground for improved water quality products and services through their R&D programmes. In particular the European Commission has launched a considerable number of development projects for GMES downstream services, each lasting for 3 years. Aquamar is one of those, where a consortium strongly linked to MarCoast is currently developing 5 new service lines. 

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme ([FP7/2007-2013]) under grant agreement n° 242507

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